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Why You Need Multiple Landing Pages in Photo Portfolio Website

product photography portfolio website

In today’s digital landscape, having an online photo portfolio isn’t enough. To truly stand out and achieve optimal results, integrating multiple landing pages in your photo portfolio website is essential. 

This strategy not only enhances SEO (search engine optimization) performance but also optimizes conversion rates.

Dive in to understand why and how to make this transformative shift, and ultimately secure more clients for your photography business.

6 Reasons Why You Need Individual Landing Pages for Your Photo Services

#1. Targeted Messaging

In the intricate world of marketing, there’s a golden rule: the more personal the message, the deeper the connection. And for photographers, this rule is pivotal. Whether specializing in wedding shots or product images, the messaging must resonate with the intended audience’s sentiments and needs. 

For instance, a wedding photography page should evoke emotions of love and nostalgia, capturing moments of pure joy and commitment. In contrast, a corporate headshot page might emphasize professionalism, confidence, and precision, aligning with the corporate ethos.

Now, dive deeper into the realm of product photography. Consider a photographer with a vast portfolio spanning several niches. The messaging apt for “beauty and skincare product photography”—emphasizing elegance and allure—won’t fit “beverages and alcohol product photography,” which may revolve around themes of luxury and refreshment.

Drinks product photography by Liam J Curtin
Source: https://www.liamjcurtin.com/drinks-photographer-london

Envision a brand searching specifically for “Amazon product photography.” They’d likely prioritize clarity and adherence to Amazon’s product image guidelines. Contrast this with a brand focused on “lifestyle product photography,” where aesthetics and context become pivotal. The distinction in messaging for both is essential to ensure potential clients immediately recognize the expertise and specialization they’re seeking.

Imagine visiting a store with each aisle labeled and organized by product type. You wouldn’t expect to find luxury jewelry showcased alongside beverages. Similarly, separate landing pages like “jewelry and luxury goods product photography” or “360-degree product photography” not only categorize and simplify the portfolio for visitors but also cater to their unique needs.

jewelry product photography
Source: https://hayliejeter.com/jewelry-portfolio

#2. Improved SEO

Navigating the vast digital world can be challenging. For photographers, standing out and reaching the right audience is crucial, and that’s where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes in. But remember, good SEO is all about targeting the right people, not just everyone.

Imagine a product photographer with separate pages for “beauty and skincare product photography” and “jewelry and luxury goods product photography.” When a cosmetics brand searches for “skincare product photographer,” a well-optimized page is more likely to show up in their search results. 

Skincare product photography
Source: https://amandacampeanu.com

Similarly, a jewelry brand searching for “luxury goods photographer” would find the second page, which focuses on capturing the beauty and detail of luxury items.

Now, let’s consider another set of photography niches: “newborn photography” and “love story session photography for couples.” New parents might be searching online using phrases like “soft newborn photos” or “baby’s first photoshoot.” On the other hand, a couple planning a romantic photoshoot might use terms like “romantic couple’s photoshoot” or “outdoor love story photoshoot.” 

By having different, keyword-optimized pages for each type of photography, photographers can improve their chances of appearing in search results and attracting the right clients.

google search

Search engines like Google prioritize relevant content and a good user experience. By having separate landing pages, photographers can include more relevant keywords without making the content feel forced or unclear. This makes it a top choice for businesses looking for this specific type of photography.

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#3. Higher Conversion Rates

In the online world, driving traffic to your website is just half the battle. The real win is when visitors take action—whether it’s booking a session, purchasing a print, or simply reaching out for a quote. This action, or “conversion,” is a clear indicator of a website’s effectiveness. And tailored landing pages for different photography services can significantly boost these conversion rates.

Consider a family searching for a “newborn photographer.” When they land on a page exclusively showcasing soft, tender moments of infants, accompanied by testimonials from other happy parents, they’re more likely to feel a connection and reach out. The specificity of the page speaks directly to their needs, reducing distractions and potential hesitations.

client testimonial section of a newborn photography portfolio website
Source: jessmorganphotography.co.uk

On the flip side, think of an adventurous couple on the hunt for a “travel photography session for couples in Barcelona.” They’d be thrilled to find a page filled with candid shots of couples captured against Barcelona’s iconic landmarks—from the serene shores of Barceloneta Beach to the historic alleyways of the Gothic Quarter or the vibrant colors of Park Güell. Such dedicated content not only paints a vivid picture of the romantic moments they can experience in this beautiful city but also assures them of the photographer’s deep familiarity and expertise in capturing Barcelona’s essence.

In these scenarios, the common thread is clear: specificity fosters trust. When potential clients see that a photographer doesn’t just offer a broad spectrum of services but has specialized landing pages catering to their exact needs, it instills confidence. It’s a subtle yet powerful reassurance that their unique requirements will be understood and met with expertise.


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#4. Detailed Service Showcase

One of the standout benefits of having individual landing pages for distinct photography services is the luxury of space. It’s an opportunity for photographers to deep-dive into the nuances of each service, spotlighting their specialties and demonstrating their prowess in that particular niche.

Imagine an interior photographer based in New York. On their “NYC apartment photography” landing page, they can meticulously showcase the magic they bring to small living spaces—how they capture the cozy corners of a Greenwich Village loft or the modern aesthetics of a high-rise condo overlooking Central Park. The page can vividly display how they play with light, space, and angles to make even the tiniest studio apartments appear spacious and inviting.

Interior photographer from London
Source: https://www.davidwilman.com/interiors-photographer

Reflecting on event photographers, a page dedicated to “festival photography” can highlight their talent in capturing the vibrancy and energy of big celebrations. Be it the dazzling colors of Holi in India, the electrifying atmosphere of Rio’s Carnival, or the lantern-lit skies during Taiwan’s Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival, the dedicated page can portray their adeptness in handling challenging lighting, moving subjects, and capturing the essence of these grand events.

#5. Easy Tracking and Analysis

Separate landing pages for each photography service offer a streamlined way to gather insights, analyze metrics, and refine strategies based on tangible data.

Take a “wedding photographer in Rome,” for instance. By having a dedicated landing page for “destination weddings in Rome,” they can easily monitor how many visitors are specifically interested in getting hitched amidst the city’s historic charm. 

rome wedding photographer
Source: https://www.fbalzan.com/blog-content/rome-wedding-photographer-fbalzan-destination-wedding-photographer

Tracking tools can reveal if couples are particularly enamored by shots taken near the Colosseum or perhaps those dreamy sunset photos at the Roman Forum. These insights can guide photographers on what content to highlight or even suggest ideal photoshoot locations for future clients.

Shifting the lens to a fashion photographer in Paris, a separate page for “runway fashion photography” allows them to see the traction such a niche might be gaining during the Paris Fashion Week. Are visitors more captivated by behind-the-scenes shots or the glamorous runway moments under the Eiffel Tower’s glittering lights? This focused analysis can help photographers tailor their portfolios, emphasizing what truly resonates with their audience.

The power of individual landing pages goes beyond aesthetics and SEO—it’s a treasure trove of data. By segmenting services, photographers can track, measure, and understand their audience’s preferences and behaviors more accurately.

#6. Personalized Ad Campaigns

Individual landing pages for various photography services don’t just refine a website’s user experience—they also provide a solid foundation for crafting highly targeted ad campaigns. With these pages in place, photographers can direct potential clients to a space specifically tailored to their interests, maximizing engagement and conversion opportunities.

photo of a neon sign showing social media icons

Let’s delve into the bustling streets of Tokyo with a portrait photographer. They might create a unique campaign targeting couples visiting the city, leading them to a page focused on “romantic Tokyo street photography.” This page could spotlight enchanting moments captured amidst cherry blossoms or under the neon lights of Shibuya. By aligning their ads with this precise landing page, they ensure potential clients see the content most relevant to their search, enhancing the likelihood of a booking.


Harnessing the power of multiple service pages in your photo portfolio is more than just a design choice; it’s a strategic move that boosts SEO, enhances user experience, and maximizes conversions. 

From delivering targeted messaging to crafting personalized ad campaigns, individual landing pages amplify your online presence. As photographers navigate the digital landscape, ensuring clarity, relevance, and a compelling call-to-action on their websites will be instrumental in attracting and securing the right clientele

Dive into this approach and watch your photography business flourish in the digital realm.


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Aleksandrs Karevs

Aleksandrs Karevs

Hi, my name is Aleksandrs and I am a full-stack digital marketer passionate about digital photography. In my free time, I enjoy taking photos with my everyday companion – FUJIFILM X100V. Read full story here.

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Aleksandrs Karevs OHMYCAMERA Founder & Author


Hi, my name is Aleksandr and I am a full-stack digital marketer from Riga, Latvia. In 2018 I became obsessed with photography and decided to create this blog to share my knowledge about both photography and marketing. In my free time, I enjoy taking photos with my everyday companion – FUJIFILM X100V.

Aleksandrs Karevs OHMYCAMERA Founder & Author


Hi, my name is Aleksandr and I am a full-stack digital marketer from Riga, Latvia. In 2018 I became obsessed with photography and decided to create this blog to share my knowledge about both photography and marketing. In my free time, I enjoy taking photos with my everyday companion – FUJIFILM X100V.

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