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5 Smart Online Marketing Strategies for Wedding Photographers

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As a digital marketer with a passion for photography, I helped my friend, Makar Krikov, a skilled wedding photographer from Daugavpils, Latvia, overcome challenges in attracting new clients. 

By applying effective online marketing strategies and drawing from my own photography experience, we achieved an eightfold increase in leads within two months. Below are five key tactics that significantly boosted his client base.

1. Build Strong Online Presence

The internet is a powerful tool to help you reach your target audience and grow your business. So what is the most effective way to promote a wedding photographer? Well, an online presence can mean a lot of things, so let’s get specific:

Invest in a Professional Wedding Portfolio Website

In the crowded digital space, merely having stunning photographs is not enough.

It would be best to showcase your work in a way that captures your unique style and convinces potential clients that you’re the right choice for their big day.

Building your own wedding photography website is one of the best ways to achieve this.

But aside from actually making the website, there’s more to it than you think. Here are some things that you absolutely have to consider when creating your portfolio website:

Add Blog to Your Wedding Portfolio Website

Blogging is a great way to showcase your expertise, share your work, and improve your website’s SEO.

It’s not just about discussing your work process but also about providing couples tips, such as choosing a wedding photographer, preparing for a photo shoot, or finding perfect locations.

Screenshot from a wedding photography portfolio website's blogging page with an article named "Quick Tips for Photographing Your Kids"
A good example of using a blog to drive organic traffic from Google to your wedding photography portfolio website. Source: Costola Photography Blog

You can also showcase a story behind each wedding – the couple’s journey, the venue’s history, the themes, or the unexpected moments you captured.

Moreover, you can offer wedding photographer business tips and wedding photographer advertising ideas.

Remember to use relevant keywords in your blog posts and share them on your social media channels.

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Use High-Quality Images

Showcase your work on your website with high-quality images from your portfolio. This will give potential clients an idea of your style, creativity, and professional capabilities.

Ensure your photos are well-optimized for web use, as large images can slow down your site and negatively impact your SEO.

Offer Client Testimonials

Client testimonials build trust and credibility. Feature positive testimonials from previous clients on your website. This can reassure potential clients of your professional abilities and the quality of your services.

Use client testimonials to promote your wedding photography services
Use client testimonials to promote your wedding photography services

Offer Special Promotions

Attracting new clients can also involve offering special promotions or discounts. These can be advertised on your website.

Set up a Google Business Profile

The Google Business Profile, formerly Google My Business, is a free and easy-to-use tool for businesses and organizations to manage their online presence across Google’s suite of services, including Google Search and Google Maps.

Google My Business Landing Page
Register your wedding photography business on Google My Business to get additional exposure to your business.

Creating and verifying a business profile can help customers find your business and know your story. The platform allows you to post updates, respond to reviews, and see insights on how customers interact with your business on Google.

Social Media Presence

Apart from having a website, utilizing social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest can be beneficial in attracting clients. These platforms are not just about sharing photos but also about building relationships and engaging with your audience.

Photo from Heather Sham's Instagram wedding photographer from London. Using Instagram to create connection between you and your clients.
A great example of how to establish trust and connection with your potential clients. Source: Heather Sham Instagram.

My personal experience in digital marketing has shown that people prefer to see behind-the-scenes content rather than just the final result.

I highly recommend not only posting the final images you’ve taken but also sharing the behind-the-scenes process and other intriguing aspects of your wedding photography business.

Doing so will create a stronger connection between you and your followers, showcasing your personality and making it easier for potential clients to get a feel for you and determine if you are a good match for their needs.

We may be more familiar with platforms like Instagram, but let’s look at promoting your photography on Pinterest:

Play Video about Cover for a YouTube video about using Pinterest instead of Instagram to promote your wedding photography services

Pinterest provides an ideal platform for visual entrepreneurs, particularly those in the wedding industry, to connect with a larger audience because it allows you to create a business account.

The key to unlocking the full potential of Pinterest lies in the strategic use of keywords and categorization and in understanding the audience’s aesthetic and emotional expectations.

In essence, Pinterest is more than just a promotional tool; it is a narrative device. When curated well, a photographer’s Pinterest board can speak volumes about their artistic sensibility, range, and the experiences they can offer, enticing clients with beautiful images and the promise of a story that can be uniquely theirs.

Moreover, the analytics provided by Pinterest can also be a goldmine for understanding trends and preferences among the targeted audience, which can be incorporated to evolve your style and offerings in a way that best resonates with them. You can also easily create campaigns through the ad manager tool.

NOTE: When using social media, link to your website on these platforms to drive traffic there.

Utilize The Power of Unplash.com

Unsplash.com is an often overlooked tool for photographers, yet it holds great potential for attracting clients worldwide and establishing your authority on the Internet.

The concept is simple, but not widely known or utilized. All you have to do is upload some of your photos to Unsplash.com.

However, there is a small caveat: when you upload photos to Unsplash.com, you grant them permission to distribute your content to people around the world, allowing them to use your photos as they please. For instance, I use Unsplash.com to source photos for my blog posts on OhMyCamera.com.

You might wonder, how does this help you gain recognition and exposure for your wedding photography business?

Here’s the trick: once you’ve submitted photos to Unsplash.com, you’ll need to wait for some time as people from different corners of the world download and utilize your photos on their websites, blogs, and more.

Statistics page from my personal Unsplash.com account showing how many impressions and downloads I got in the recent month.
Here's a screenshot with statistics from my personal Unsplash account.

Afterward, you can employ Google Image Search to locate websites that have used your photos.

Google Image Search

Upon finding such websites, you simply reach out to them and inquire if they would be willing to provide a credit beneath your photo, linking back to either your Unsplash.com profile or, even better, your wedding photography portfolio website.

Here’s the script I personally use to request backlinks to my photography blog, OhMyCamera.com:

Screenshot of an email script for obtaining a photo credit
The script that I personally use to get credit for my Unsplash photos

Dear [name],

I noticed you’ve used one of my photos in the following article: [insert name of the article and URL address]

I just wanted to thank you for using my photo, and I was wondering if you could include a link to my photography blog as a credit for the original image. No worries if not, but it would be greatly appreciated.

My photography blog can be found here: https://ohmycamera.com.

Once again, thanks for using the image. I am happy that you liked it 😉

Aleksandrs Karevs

Smart Wedding Photography Platforms

For example, Wedding Maps is a platform that pairs top-notch wedding venues with award-winning photographers, helping potential clients envision each location’s potential.

Wedding Maps Service for Wedding Photographers
Wedding Maps – Discover The Best Venues & Wedding Photographers

This benefits both sides: it reduces the time and effort users would spend searching separately for venues and photographers, while also broadening the market for venues and photographers, who gain access to a wider customer base.

Their personalized approach aids users in their decision-making process, providing a more efficient and satisfying experience than traditional methods.

Online Directories

Listing your business on online directories can increase your visibility and credibility. I recommend websites like The Knot and WeddingWire, targeted explicitly toward wedding planning.

Not only do these platforms increase your reach, but they also provide a platform for clients to review your services, which can enhance your reputation.

Information Boards

List your services on local classified websites such as Gumtree (for the UK), Craigslist (for the US), or your local information board like ss.lv in Latvia. A detailed yet succinct ad can go a long way. Highlight your specialties, such as wedding photography, and include a compelling description of your services.

PDF Sharing Services (such as Slideshare)

Utilizing PDF-sharing platforms like Slideshare.com can be a clever strategy to win over new clientele as a wedding photographers. Slideshare is a platform where users can upload and share presentations in various formats, including PDF and PowerPoint.

Slideshare PDF sharing service

And yes, you can include anything you can think of in your presentation, such as photo examples, client testimonials, pricing, and contact details. It’s also a great way to reach out to a broader audience and showcase your portfolio as a wedding photographer.

PDF portfolio for wedding photography services
PDF portfolio for a wedding photographer that I designed using Figma

However, sometimes crafting an impactful presentation in Slideshare requires substantial time and potentially additional costs for design services or quality templates. Even though I think you can make the most beautiful presentations in Slideshare, let’s look at some alternatives:

  • PowerPoint Online is a cloud-based version of Microsoft’s popular presentation software, which allows users to create, edit, and share presentations from any device with an internet connection.
  • Canva is an online design tool that comes with a plethora of beautifully made templates, making it easy for anyone, regardless of design skills, to create engaging presentations. It comes with a free subscription, as well as a paid one that gives you access to many other features and graphics.
  • Google Slides is Google’s free, web-based presentation tool where users can create, edit, and collaborate on presentations.
  • Speaker Deck is a service where you can share presentations publicly or privately. It converts uploaded presentations to PDF for easier sharing and viewing.

Suppose you want to learn how to create a beautiful and practical wedding photography pdf portfolio. In that case, I highly recommend you check out my online course: Learn How to Craft a Stunning Wedding PDF Portfolio With Figma.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Wedding Photographers

Once your website is up and running, focusing on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential. You want to ensure your website appears at the top of search results when potential clients are looking for wedding photographers in your area.

Screenshot of Google search results for the term "Professional wedding photographer in Nottingham UK"
Google search results for the term "professional wedding photographer in Nottingham UK"

Optimize your site by using relevant keywords in your website content, meta descriptions, and alt tags.

Consider using phrases such as “wedding photographer in [your city]” or “[your city] wedding photography”.

Tools like Google’s Keyword Planner can help you find the most relevant keywords for free, but if you want something more exhaustive consider Ubersuggest or Ahrefs.

It’s also important to ensure your website is mobile-friendly. Data shows that in 2022, American adults dedicated an average of four hours and thirty minutes each day to mobile device usage.

Additionally, over 50% of the worldwide internet traffic is generated through mobile devices. Because of that, Google also prioritizes mobile page loading speed, using it as a significant metric in determining the position of your website in search rankings.

3. Email Marketing for Wedding Photographers

Though some pundits declare email marketing obsolete, it is still a thriving and powerful tool. Data shows that a mailing list increases followers on all social media platforms.

After establishing your ideal photography client, email marketing allows for targeted communication. That means you can tailor your messages differently for loyal vs. potential clients. You can put your best work on display or even offer exclusive discounts or specials to specific customer groups.

Let’s look at a practical example. Imagine a wedding photography studio that wants to send a monthly newsletter to their loyal clients showcasing their latest work, some behind-the-scenes content, and maybe a loyalty discount for future sessions. 

Wedding photography email template from Canva
Wedding photography email template from Canva

For potential customers, this studio might send a bi-weekly email featuring their portfolio, customer testimonials, and a special offer for first-time bookings. 

They are essentially using email marketing to maintain relationships with current clients while attracting new ones without a hefty price tag.

4. Develop Your Wedding Photography Brand's Manifesto

In today’s internet jungle, wedding photographers need more than just a sharp lens to focus their prospects’ attention – they need a brand manifesto. Let’s shed some light on the “how” of your message:

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Maybe you shoot weddings like a dramatic epic or are the go-to for rustic barnyard vows. Your USP is your Superpower; use it wisely in your manifesto.

For example, Dani Rodriguez of Bring Me Somewhere Nice is recognized for his distinct editorial-style approach to wedding photography by providing a service that blends the authenticity and emotional depth of wedding portraiture with the polished, elevated aesthetics typically found in high-fashion editorial work.

Consistent Visual Brand Identity

Your brand manifesto should be consistent with your visual identity – from the logo, color palette, and typography to website layout and portfolio presentation.

Core Values and Beliefs

A brand manifesto is more than just a statement about what you do; it articulates why you do what you do.

It should define the values that guide your business decisions and the beliefs that shape your approach to your work. This can create a solid emotional connection with your potential clients, leading to deeper engagement and trust.

Screenshot from Bring Me Somewhere Nice Philosophy section.

For example, a wedding photography brand may value authenticity and have a line that says something like, “We Believe in the Power of Unscripted Moments”. This manifesto declares that the photography brand values authenticity and natural expressions over posed and forced shots.

This will resonate with clients who want their genuine emotions and interactions captured on their special day. It also demonstrates that the brand’s approach is less intrusive, allowing couples to enjoy their day without constant direction from the photographer.

Brand Story

Everyone loves a relatable story.

Tell them your journey – the birth of your brand, victories, and learning curves. They’re not just booking a photographer but meeting a human being.

You can start by saying how you got interested in photography – essentially, how it all started. Then you can say more about how this passion evolved over time.

About Me section from OhMyCamera.com website

You can further tell your potential clients how your brand came to be, who was the very first person to believe in you, and what were the steps and the obstacles.

There’s only one rule to follow here: convey emotion by being authentic. Think about the love you have for your craft and how it all started.

Clear Value Proposition

Your core values and beliefs should also reflect in your value proposition.

The manifesto should clearly articulate the value you offer to your clients. This is not just about the quality of your photos but also the experience you provide.

Here is a great example that highlights this very important aspect. 

Engage and Connect

The best manifestos are like a tasteful wedding invite – entice people to RSVP. Provoke your potential clients to say ‘I do’ to your service.

In short, your brand manifesto isn’t just a monologue of who you are but a compelling story of why you’re their perfect match. After all, we’re all suckers for a beautiful love story, right?

5. Outside-the-box Wedding Photography Online Marketing Strategies

Nowadays, you have to think innovatively about promoting what you love to do to stay ahead of the curve. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

Collaborate With Online Wedding Planners

Establish partnerships with digital wedding planning platforms. You can offer to write guest blog posts, provide photo content or collaborate on digital events. This places you in front of their audience and gives you added credibility.

Photography Webinars or Online Classes

Position yourself as an expert by hosting webinars or online classes. 

You can teach about various aspects of wedding photography or broad topics such as “Best poses for your wedding pictures” or “How to choose the right wedding photographer.”, but don’t ignore the more specific subjects. 

A young male hosting a webinar.

Here are some examples to inspire you:

  • “20 modern wedding dress ideas”
  • “Best places to do a wedding in Europe in 2023
  • “How to create a wedding timeline that ensures great photos”
  • “Choosing the right color scheme for memorable wedding photos”
  • “Planning a destination wedding: The do’s and don’ts”
  • “Wedding planning stress: How to cope and keep the joy in your journey”
  • “Seasonal weddings: Pros and cons for each season”
  • “Understanding wedding traditions and their significance in photographs”


Start a podcast where you discuss trends and tips for wedding photographers and share stories from your experiences.

Regular guests could include past clients, other wedding industry professionals, or even photography critics.

You can also have wedding photographer advertising tips, notes on how to promote yourself as a wedding photographer, and wedding photographer marketing ideas.

YouTube Channel

According to Wyzowl’s State of Video Marketing Survey, the importance of video marketing is significantly reflected in today’s business practices.

YouTube video content creation

An overwhelming 91% of companies confirmed they utilize video, while a nearly unanimous 96% consider it a critical component of marketing.

The beauty of video is that it allows the audience to not only see the end product – stunning wedding photos – but also get a feel for the photographer’s personality, style, and approach.

Furthermore, video content can easily be shared across various platforms, from social media to the photographer’s website, thus expanding its reach.

Creating valuable, interesting content is key – some topics can include sharing tips for brides and grooms on how to pose naturally, what to wear for engagement photos, or even how to choose a wedding photographer.

Wedding Photography YouTube Channel Examples:

Successful wedding photographers such as Taylor Jackson use YouTube to share their knowledge and tips on wedding photography. His topics vary from technical advice like camera settings to business tips for photographers. 

Similarly, WeddingFilmSchool offers tutorials and equipment reviews, targeting not just photographers but filmmakers, wedding planners, and couples planning their weddings.


In the age of social media, being secretive is not an option. A good online presence is all about visibility and consistency.

Embracing online strategies can make a difference in expanding your clientele as a wedding photographer. In my personal experience, combining SEO, social media presence, blogging, online directories, and collaborations effectively can help you stand out in this highly competitive field.

Remember, the key to success lies in constant learning and adapting. I hope you find these strategies as helpful as I have in growing your wedding photography business. And for more photography advice, check out our other articles at OhMyCamera.


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Aleksandrs Karevs

Aleksandrs Karevs

Hi, my name is Aleksandrs and I am a full-stack digital marketer passionate about digital photography. In my free time, I enjoy taking photos with my everyday companion – FUJIFILM X100V. Read full story here.

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Aleksandrs Karevs OHMYCAMERA Founder & Author


Hi, my name is Aleksandr and I am a full-stack digital marketer from Riga, Latvia. In 2018 I became obsessed with photography and decided to create this blog to share my knowledge about both photography and marketing. In my free time, I enjoy taking photos with my everyday companion – FUJIFILM X100V.

Aleksandrs Karevs OHMYCAMERA Founder & Author


Hi, my name is Aleksandr and I am a full-stack digital marketer from Riga, Latvia. In 2018 I became obsessed with photography and decided to create this blog to share my knowledge about both photography and marketing. In my free time, I enjoy taking photos with my everyday companion – FUJIFILM X100V.

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