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Pitching to Clients with Low-Quality Product Photography

Lavidoux beauty products photography

In my previous article, I explored the art of cold email outreach for potential product photography clients.

Building on that foundation, this article focuses specifically on a delicate yet crucial aspect: pitching product photography services to brands with low-quality product photos.

Discover key strategies to present your product photography services as an upgrade without diminishing their existing efforts, turning a sensitive situation into a promising business opportunity. 

To further illustrate these strategies, the article includes real-life email pitch examples, providing practical insights and actionable ideas you can adapt for your own pitches.

Tips on How to Pitch to Clients With Low-Quality Product Photography

Here’s a list of tips for pitching professional product photography services to clients with low-quality product photos:

1. Distinguish Between Low-Quality Photos and UGC

Begin by recognizing the difference between low-quality product photos and intentional user-generated content (UGC). Understand that many brands strategically use UGC, which can appear amateurish but is highly effective. 

Statistics show that 79% of consumers find UGC highly influential, and 56% deem it more trustworthy than brand-produced content. Acknowledge this in your pitch to show your respect for their current strategy and suggest ways to complement UGC with professional product photos.

Example of a user generated content for a skincare brand

2. Avoid Critiquing Current Product Photography

It’s crucial to approach your pitch with a positive and respectful tone, especially when discussing the client’s existing product photos.

Avoid making any negative comments about their current photography. Remember, these photos may have been taken by someone integral to the business, like the founder, or hold sentimental value.

Instead of critiquing, focus on the benefits and added value your professional services can bring. Highlight how your expertise can enhance their product presentation, improving customer engagement and sales, without directly comparing their current efforts to your work.

This approach not only preserves a good relationship with the potential client but also positions you as a solution provider, not a critic.

Alina Kareva product photography portfolio sample
A few photos from my wife's product photography portfolio

3. Use Statistics to Highlight the Importance of High-Quality Product Photography

When pitching the benefits of high-quality product photography, it’s essential to utilize compelling statistics to underscore its impact on e-commerce sales. For instance, a survey revealed that 75% of online shoppers rely heavily on product photos when making a purchase decision. This statistic highlights the profound effect that quality imagery can have on e-commerce growth.

Product photography statistics and how product photography influences ecommerce sales

In your pitch, you can also address common e-commerce challenges, such as product returns. Mention that 22% of returns occur because the product looks different in person, a problem that high-quality, accurate photography can significantly reduce. This not only demonstrates your understanding of the client’s potential challenges but also positions you as an expert in this field.

Furthermore, emphasize that increasing the number of high-quality images of a product has been shown to improve sell-through rates. By offering to create a diverse range of professional images for each product, you can help clients enhance their online presence and potentially increase sales.

Incorporating these statistics and insights into your product photography pitch will not just show the value of your photography services but also demonstrate your commitment to helping the client achieve tangible business results.

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Real-Life Email Pitch Examples for Clients with Low-Quality Product Photography

Example 1: Luxury Pen Maker

Detailed photo of a fountain pen

Subject: Enhancing Ankra Pens’ Image with Professional Photography

Dear [Recipient’s Name],

My name is [Your Name], and I specialize in photography for luxury products. I was particularly captivated by your ‘Christopher Columbus Limited Edition Fountain Pen’.

Considering that 75% of online shoppers base their purchasing decisions on product photos, I believe there’s a great opportunity here.

I’d like to offer Ankra Pens a complimentary test shoot for one of your pens, illustrating how enhanced imagery can further elevate your brand’s appeal.

Would you be open to discussing this opportunity?

Kind regards,
[Your Name]

Why This Ankra Pens Email Pitch Works

  • Personalized Approach: The email addresses the recipient by name and references a specific product, the ‘Christopher Columbus Limited Edition Fountain Pen’, which shows that the sender has done their homework and is genuinely interested in the brand.
  • Relevant Statistics: Including the statistic that 75% of online shoppers base purchasing decisions on product photos highlights the importance of the service being offered and is backed by credible data.
  • Offer of a Complimentary Test Shoot: This no-obligation offer allows the potential client to experience the service without risk, making the proposition more attractive.
  • Clear and Concise: The email is direct and to the point, respecting the recipient’s time while effectively communicating the key message.
  • Professional Tone: While friendly, the email maintains a professional tone, which is important in B2B communications.
  • Strong Call to Action: The email ends with an invitation to discuss the opportunity further, prompting a clear next step.

Example 2: Skincare Product Made From Natural Ingredients

Product photo of various skincare products

Subject: Let’s Boost Lavidana’s Online Appeal with Stunning Imagery

Dear [Recipient’s Name],

I’m [Your Name], a photographer specializing in beauty products. Your dedication to natural ingredients and sustainable packaging at Lavidana stands out in the market. It’s interesting to note that 75% of online shoppers rely heavily on product photos when deciding to purchase, highlighting the importance of top-notch imagery.

I’d like to offer a complimentary test shoot for one of Lavidana’s products. This is an opportunity to see how professional photography can align with and amplify your brand’s ethos, potentially increasing customer interest and sales.

Would you be interested in discussing how we can work together to visually elevate Lavidana’s online presence?

Kind regards,
[Your Name]

Why This Lavidana Pitch Is Effective

  • Targeted Subject Line: “Boost Lavidana’s Online Appeal with Stunning Imagery” immediately addresses the potential benefit to the client, catching their interest from the outset.
  • Alignment with Brand Values: The email acknowledges Lavidana’s commitment to natural ingredients and sustainability, showing an understanding of the brand’s ethos.
  • Use of Statistics: Similar to the Ankra Pens email, this one uses the same persuasive statistic to underscore the importance of high-quality product photography, making the pitch data-driven.
  • Complimentary Offer: Offering a free test shoot demonstrates confidence in the service and provides a low-barrier entry point for the client.
  • Concise and Engaging Content: The email is well-structured, and concise, and delivers the message in an engaging way.
  • Effective Call to Action: It invites further discussion, encouraging the recipient to take the next step in the communication process.

Conclusion: Effective Email Pitches to Clients with Low-Quality Product Photos


Crafting successful email pitches to potential clients with low-quality product photography is both an art and a science. As we’ve explored through practical examples and detailed analyses, the effectiveness of your pitch hinges on several crucial elements:

  • Personalization and Relevance: Tailoring your message to the specific brand and acknowledging their unique qualities shows that you’re not just sending a generic pitch but are genuinely interested in adding value to their business.
  • Data-Driven Persuasion: Utilizing relevant statistics about the impact of high-quality product photography provides a compelling rationale for why a business should consider your services.
  • Respectful and Professional Tone: Maintaining a balance between professionalism and a friendly, approachable tone is key to establishing trust and rapport.
  • Clear Call to Action: Encouraging potential clients to take the next step with a clear and direct call to action is crucial in converting interest into a business opportunity.

Remember, the goal of your pitch is not just to sell a service but to start a conversation and build a relationship. By focusing on how you can help enhance their brand and address their specific needs, you position yourself as a valuable partner in their business growth.

As you apply these principles to your own email pitches, remember that each client is unique, and your approach should be as well. With practice and refinement, your pitches will become more effective, opening doors to new and exciting opportunities in the world of product photography.


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Aleksandrs Karevs

Aleksandrs Karevs

Hi, my name is Aleksandrs and I am a full-stack digital marketer passionate about digital photography. In my free time, I enjoy taking photos with my everyday companion – FUJIFILM X100V. Read full story here.

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Hi, my name is Aleksandr and I am a full-stack digital marketer from Riga, Latvia. In 2018 I became obsessed with photography and decided to create this blog to share my knowledge about both photography and marketing. In my free time, I enjoy taking photos with my everyday companion – FUJIFILM X100V.



Hi, my name is Aleksandr and I am a full-stack digital marketer from Riga, Latvia. In 2018 I became obsessed with photography and decided to create this blog to share my knowledge about both photography and marketing. In my free time, I enjoy taking photos with my everyday companion – FUJIFILM X100V.